Which UK cruise ships offer exclusive adult-only areas?

Have you been dreaming of a cruise filled with tranquility and sophistication, free from the boisterous environment of children's play areas and loud family activities? Then an adult-only cruise might be your perfect getaway. In the UK, several cruise liners offer exclusive adult-only areas, ensuring a serene atmosphere for adults seeking relaxation, fine dining, and night-time entertainment. Let's explore these luxury ships that cater specifically to adult passengers.

Virgin Voyages' Unique Adult-only Cruising Experience

Virgin Voyages offers an excellent adult-only cruising experience, sure to leave you refreshed and invigorated. The company offers several itineraries sailing from the UK, all of which cover a broad range of fascinating destinations.

On a Virgin Voyage, every detail is carefully curated to create a unique experience. The ship's cabins are thoughtfully designed to provide ultimate comfort while the dining options offer an array of international cuisine, crafted by world-renowned chefs. But the real charm is the exclusivity the ship provides for adults with its no-kids policy, ensuring a peaceful and sophisticated atmosphere onboard.

Part of the Virgin Voyages cruising experience includes exciting nightlife. Each ship hosts a variety of night-time entertainment, from live music to theatrical performances, and even includes themed party nights.

Luxury and Adult-only: Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruises is another excellent option when considering adult-only cruises from the UK. Known for their intimate, mid-sized ships and immersive voyages, Azamara offers a variety of cruises with destinations around the world.

While not exclusively adult-only, Azamara takes pride in the mature ambiance of their ships. They offer sophisticated entertainment and enrichment programmes, including wine tastings, live performances, and lectures on various subjects.

Azamara’s all-inclusive offerings extend beyond just meals and drinks. They include gratuities, shuttle services in port, and even an exclusive night-time event on each cruise, known as the “AzAmazing Evening.”

All-Inclusive Adult-Only Cruising with Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises offers a unique all-inclusive cruising experience, designed exclusively for adults who are 50 and above. This UK-based cruise line provides an array of cruises, ranging from short trips to long voyages, all departing from the UK.

What makes Saga Cruises stand out is their all-inclusive approach. The price of your ticket covers not only your accommodation and meals, but also a selection of wines at lunch and dinner, 24-hour room service, welcome cocktails, and onboard gratuities. This allows you to fully enjoy your cruise without worrying about additional costs.

P&O Cruises' Adults-Only Ships

P&O Cruises, the UK's oldest cruise line, offers both family-friendly and adult-only cruises. Currently, P&O has three adults-only ships: Arcadia, Oriana, and Aurora. These ships cater specifically to passengers who prefer a serene and child-free environment.

Each ship provides a variety of dining options, including both formal and casual restaurants. Beyond this, they offer a wide range of activities and entertainment options, from fitness classes and spa treatments to live shows and themed parties.

The Luxury of an Adult-Only River Cruise

Most adult-only cruises are oceanic, but for those who prefer a more serene and scenic experience, there are also adult-only river cruises available. These offer the same luxuries – fine dining, comfortable accommodation, and evening entertainment – but in the idyllic setting of some of the world's most beautiful rivers.

River cruise companies such as Uniworld and Avalon Waterways offer adult-only cruises on several rivers, including the Rhine, Danube, and Seine. These cruises are perfect for those seeking a more leisurely pace, with plenty of time to enjoy the stunning landscapes and historical sites that line these famous waterways.

Hebridean Island Cruises: Exclusively for Adults

Hebridean Island Cruises is renowned as an adult-only cruise line that caters exclusively to adults seeking tranquility amid Scotland's breathtaking island landscapes. Hebridean Princess, the company's cruise ship, offers a distinctive experience, carrying a maximum of 50 guests and providing an extremely personalised service.

The Hebridean Princess is far more akin to a floating country house than a conventional cruise ship. The onboard atmosphere is characterised by relaxation, with activities such as bird watching, lectures on local history, and traditional Scottish entertainment. Fine dining is a significant part of the Hebridean experience, with meals carefully curated to reflect the local cuisine.

Hebridean Island Cruises operates between March and November, with each cruise lasting between four and ten nights. The cruises typically revolve around the Scottish Islands, including the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney, and Shetland Isles. However, they also offer a selection of "Footloose" cruises that take in the hills and glens of Scotland's mainland.

Regent Seven Seas: Luxury Redefined for Adults

Regent Seven Seas is synonymous with luxury, and while not exclusively adults-only, the cruise line is highly popular with adults searching for a sophisticated and tranquil experience. The majority of Regent's clientele are mature travellers, attracted by the all-inclusive offerings and the opportunity to explore up to 450 destinations worldwide.

Regent Seven Seas' fleet consists of five luxury ships, each offering spacious suites, a majority of which come with private balconies. The cruise line's all-inclusive policy covers everything from flights, transfers, and excursions to fine wines and spirits, making it a fantastic option for a hassle-free vacation.

Entertainment options are vast and varied, but always retain an air of sophistication. Enrichment lectures, cooking demonstrations, and Broadway-style shows are common, and most voyages also include a complimentary pre-cruise luxury hotel stay.

Conclusion: The Pleasure of Adult-Only Cruises

Adult-only cruises offer a unique and serene experience, perfect for those seeking relaxation, sophistication, and fine dining. Whether it's the exclusivity of Virgin Voyages, the mature ambiance of Azamara and Hebridean Cruises, the all-inclusive luxury of Saga Cruises and Regent Seven Seas, or the picturesque settings of river cruises, these cruise lines offer something special for everyone.

Be it the Scottish highlands, the Canary Islands, or the rivers of Europe, each cruise line offers different itineraries and experiences, but the common thread is the tranquil, adult-only atmosphere. As the trend for adults-only vacations continues to grow, cruise lines are offering increasingly sophisticated options to meet their guests' needs.

So, if you're planning your next vacation and are looking for a peaceful yet luxurious getaway, don't overlook the adult-only cruises departing from the UK. With so many choices, you're sure to find a cruise that perfectly suits your desires and expectations.